Royal City Industrial is a Canadian company committed to providing quality repairs and economical solutions to meet all your industrial needs. From component-level board repair, to complete robot redeployments, we reduce your overall maintenance costs by repairing or refurbishing your equipment at a fraction of the new or replacement cost. We are committed to help your equipment last longer; We can design customized preventative maintenance programs as well as robot redeployment options to meet your needs.
By continually expanding our dynamic and functional testing capabilities, we ensure that you get the best quality repairs that are fully tested to in-field requirements. Royal City Industrial’s standard repair service includes free evaluation, detailed repair reports including parts replaced and possible causes.


Our Repair Process offers you piece of mind

  • Free Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Repair Reports
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Functional Testing
  • Warrantied Repairs
  • Assigned Work Order numbers to identify each part received
  • Tracking of all details to build historical data


Have your robots seen better days? Do you have capital equipment that you want to redeploy on future projects? Royal City Industrial can help you manage the costs by redeploying existing robots or repairing your used ones. We will evaluate your robots and auxiliary equipment and give you a detailed report of what is required to bring it back to OEM specifications.


Preventative Maintenance (PM) is the planned maintenance of robots designed to lessen unexpected breakdowns and increase robot life span. A specifically designed Robot PM can expand the life of robots and can be designed to meet you onsite requirements. Preventative Maintenance programs can include everything from lubrication, cleaning and minor parts replacement to complete overhaul and rebuilds. Contact us to discuss your PM needs.


Our robot training classes offer your maintenance personnel a hands on training experience with each student given the opportunity to work on an actual robot and controller. Training topics include proper maintenance and common repair procedures but can also be designed to meet your specific needs. Class size is limited to facilitate an effective and enhanced learning atmosphere where our instructors can help you navigate through real site situations.



Are you looking for a Robot to increase your productivity? All our surplus robots are put through our multi step preventative maintenance package, fully tested and warrantied.
Simply fill out our Robot PrePurchase questionnaire and we will contact you with a robot that fits your needs.



Visit our Ebay store for a complete list of items. Do see something you need? We are always sourcing equipment, please call us and we will help you find what you are looking for.



We buy surplus industrial equipment and robots. Free up capital and clear out old stores. We can purchase outright or offer you credit towards future needs.


Do your machines need service or preventative maintenance? Our highly skilled technicians can be dispatched to your facility to help you. Our rates are competitive!

Field Service